Welcome to the club!  Learn the key principles of pro kettlebell training, including grips, the swing, clean, rack, press and more. Once complete, your next visit can be either the Level-2 or a KettleFIT class.

Small Group | 60-Minutes Max


Work one-on-one to hone the fundamentals from level-1, find your correct "medium" weight for future classes, and add the more technical (aka the most fun) moves to your kettlebell arsenal: the kettlebell jerk, snatch and long cycle.

Private Session | 60-Minutes Max


KettleFIT classes are a fast paced mix of body weight and kettlebell exercises. All of the exercises are timed, so it's super-easy to choose your own intensity for the classes: just use lighter (or no weights) and work more slowly to start, and as you become stronger and more conditioned you'll increase your pace and increase the weight of the kettlebells you use.

All-Levels Class | 45-Minutes


These classes include more short sets of the kettlebell sport exercises (cleans, jerks, snatches) than a typical KettleFIT class but more g.p.p. exercises (think planks, situp getups, mountain climbers) than a typical KettleSPORT class.  They're in a fun format packed with relays and intervals... as long as you've taken the Level-2 Intro Workshop, you should try this class!

Level-2 Class | 45-Minutes


Sport training cycles prepare lifters to perform 5 or 10-minute sets of kettlebell sport lifts (jerk, snatch, and/or long cycle) at kettlebell sport competitions...


But you do not have to compete to take KettleSPORT!  Only a small percentage of our members compete, but lots of them love the training.  You're welcome and invited to participate in the program solely for the incredible health and fitness rewards.


Mondays and Thursdays are jerk training, Tuesdays and Fridays are snatch training.  You can do do either jerk days only or snatch days only or both, but you need to do both days each week of the discipline(s) you choose in order to keep up, as the classes get more difficult as the cycle progresses. 


(If you can't make a certain class, the programs are available for you to do on your own doing open gym.)


It's ideal to start as close to the beginning of the cycle as possible.

Level-2 | 45-Minute Classes | 4-12 Week Training Programs


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