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SKC is Open


"Phase 2" restricts the gym to 5 people training at a time, so we're unable to offer live-instructor-led classes yet, but what we do have for you is awesome!

24-hr access to Seattle Kettlebell Club

*by reservation only*

Use the online class calendar or the SKC app to reserve a platform before you come (this ensures we don't exceed capacity)

Enjoy your personal space in accordance with state guidelines and our sanitation protocols while using the gym equipment and/or following along with one of our video classes

We'll set you up for success with a one-on-one personal training session when you join if you're new to SKC, to make sure you're using the kettlebells properly and are comfortable and confident.

month-to-month membership

30-days email notice for easy cancellation

20 one-hour reservations per month

only $5 + tax/visit

Although your member access will be 24/7, we'll want to schedule your first visit during business hours to get you oriented.  You can reply to your email receipt after you join with your preferred day and time, or call us at 206.280.4941

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you soon

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