2-Hour Core-6 Fundamentals Workshop


The Kettlebell Swing, Rack, Clean, Press, Jerk and Snatch

If you're going to use kettlebells, you MUST learn these six fundamentals of pro kettlebell training! They're imperative to getting stronger and leaner super-fast and safely, and getting the most out of SKC classes and kettlebells in general. 


We hesitate to call these "intro" workshops because there's so much good info packed in that even seasoned lifters learn things.  Which is why we require everyone new to the club regardless of previous experience to come to the Level-1 before taking  their first class.


Don't learn from random youtube videos.  There are common errors we won't let you make. We'll show you how to use kettlebells to get your heart rate going and build strength and endurance at the same time without putting stress on your shoulders, hands, joints, or hurting your back.

Plus you'll learn nuances like breathing patterns, grips and modifications for your body type and fitness level.


There are a ton of variations to the "core-6."  For example, learning #1: the pro swing, means you'll be able to safely do the 1-arm swing, 2-hand swing, alternating swing, side-step swing or double swing when you come across it in class.

Bottom line:  after learning the Core-6, you'll know how to safely and productively approach any kettlebell exercise you ever come across again - and there are literally hundreds.

The workshop is split into two parts, Level-1 (swing, clean, rack, press) and level-2 (jerk, snatch).  

Once you've taken the Level-1 you can start going to KettleFIT classes, but in the Level-2 you'll work one-on-one to find your correct "medium" weight for future classes and add the more technical (aka the most fun) moves to your kettlebell arsenal, so get back in for that Level-2 as quickly as possible!


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"I'm always skeptical of being comfortable in a workout setting. Nikolai and Nora were amazing! It was fun and I was amazed at their ability to cater all fitness levels in an intro class. I'm so excited to go back. They exceeded my expectations on all fronts."


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