Thank you for being here after the swings and jerks of it all!

SKC is still swinging, but a little differently now. Here's how your club is operating moving forward. 




+ Tax

Unlimited reservations to Seattle Kettlebell Club (24-Hr Member Access) includes video classes in the gym & a code for 50% off the web/apps online membership.

All live classes will now be a la carte.







Live Classes resume the week of Aug 23rd, with 45-minute classes at 6am Mon, Wed, Fri and 6p Tues & Thurs


We're eager to add back more and more classes based on attendance.  The member survey we sent in May reported only about 1 in 4 current and past members planned to return to live classes, which is why we are starting slowly.

With classes starting in August, and needing kettlebells returned & membership changes made anyway, it's the perfect time to simplify everything and make a clean start.


If you have an existing membership that you've held on to since pre-shutdown (anything other than the 24/7 current $99 Gym Membership), we'll be updating your membership automatically.

General Changes Overview & FAQ

What's going to happen to my existing membership?

Look for an email from us (check your spam or 'promotions' folder if you can't find it) regarding specifics about your Pay-As-You-Go, old Open Gym, Cub, Panda, American, Grizzly, or Kodiak memberships, and contact us if you didn't receive it. If you've remained a member throughout the closure and continue to be a member under the new setup, all classes you've accumulated since April 2020 will be listed on your account as "class credits" and you'll be able to use them to sign up for classes. If you've been paying more than $99/month, you'll be switched to the current gym membership (24/7 unlimited open gym) and your August payment will drop to $99/month +tax. If you do not want to be switched to the new membership, just let us know by email 7 days prior to your billing date and we will cancel your autopay. In the case of such cancelation, the cash value of the classes you accumulated will be credited to your account and you can use that account credit to purchase drop-in classes at the non-member rate of $30+tax per class. Don't freak out if you look at your account and the class credits don't seem correct - we have to go through each person and do it manually, and we're working on it. Contact us if you still think it looks wrong after August 1st. Thanks!

Do I have to return the kettlebell I borrowed?

Yes, please! We need the kettlebells back prior to your August billing date. If you're not able to attend in-person classes and we reclaim enough that we can still operate a full class, we may be able to continue to rent the bell to you depending on the situation and what weight you have - please contact us.

Can I keep my free online access to Pro Kettlebell Workouts?

Starting in August, the new Pro Kettlebell Workouts web and apps will no longer be included free with gym membership. Unlike the old site, we pay per user on the new site - (even as the owners we have to pay to use the apps).

What if I had a class membership, but canceled it in the last year?

If you stuck with us for a while after the closure and then had to cancel, we understand. In this case, we can issue you an account credit you can use to buy classes with. For example, if you had a $79 cub that you canceled last August, you'd get $395 in credit on your account which you could use to come to class. If you join again, you could use that credit to buy classes at the member price ($20 each) or you can just drop-in as a non-member for $30 per class. The process of converting classes to account credits is a tad laborious, so we'll be doing this process on request. Just give us 48-hours notice via email if you want to use your credits and we'll set them up on your account for you. Thank you.

Can I use my account credit to buy something other than classes?

While we wish we could accomodate every request, in this case we're sorry but unfortunately account credits acquired through the shut down are valid for classes only, not the new membership or products or personal training. Thank you!

New Class Policies

As always, please reserve classes in advance - it's terrible to arrive for class and get turned away because there's no room! Members have priority booking and can reserve class times one month in advance. Non-members can reserve classes 2 weeks in advance. 24-hr class cancelation policy is in effect; if you cancel within 24 hours, you'll lose the class as if you've attended. If you cancel prior to 24 hrs, the class will be returned to your account for later use. We are not implementing a no-show charge at this time, but excessive no-showing will result in not being able to place advance reservations. Thank you for understanding. In an effort to keep bells clean for each lifter, we'll be asking lifters to wipe down their bells before returning them to the racks, and to be conservative about the number of kettlebells you bring to your platform at the start of class. That way, there will be less "bell swapping" between people in class and rather you can always grab a clean bell off of the rack.

How long do I have to use my accumulated classes or credit?

Account credits and classes will expire 7/31/2022.