Saturday, December 7th, 2019

At Seattle Kettlebell Club

Doors Open @ 8 am

Over 100 competitors

Lifting from 9:30a-5:00p

Spectators welcome and invited

The competition has passed.

Check out video from the event below!

The 3rd Annual



I'm a slow loading video.


The Seattle Kettlebell Pro-Am is an annual kettlebell sport competition hosted by Seattle Kettlebell Club.  Beginner, amateur and pro kettlebell lifters compete to be the best lifter in their category (determined by their body weight class and kettlebell weight lifted) and achieve ranks according to the KetAcademy ranking table, in accordance with the rules of the World Association of Kettlebell Sport Clubs (WAKSC).

The mainstage consists of six lifting platforms.  Each flight is either 5 or 10-minutes, where up to six competitors at a time lift in their discipline (jerk, snatch or long cycle) with the goal of completing as many legal repetitions as they can without setting the bells down.  Marathon lifters compete for 30 or 60-minutes each!

One short kettlebell sport set tests a lifter's strength, cardio and endurance capacity. Both training and competing develop and require strategy, discipline, and the character to recognize and separate our physical limitations from our self-imposed mental ones.

The mission of the Pro-Am is to provide the resources, professional equipment and fun extras that entertain everyone who attends, de-mystifies kettlebell sport competitions, and elevates the outcomes for lifters.



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5 or 10-minute sets.

Clean and jerk with  one or two kettlebells.

No resting the bells on your shoulders or setting them down.



5 or 10-minute sets.

Snatch with one kettlebell.

Lifter may switch hands once, with one swing to facilitate the switch.  

No extra swings or setting the bell down.



5 or 10-minute sets.

Jerk with two kettlebells.

No resting the bells on your shoulders or setting them down.


5 or 10-minute sets.


One set each of jerk and snatch.

Must use the same weight for both lifts.

Jerk 2 Bells


5 or 10-minute sets.

One set each of jerk, snatch & long cycle.

Must use the same weight for all  lifts.

Jerk 2 Bells

Snatch 1 Bell

Long Cycle 2 Bells


One 30 or 60-minute set.

Snatch 1 Bell


One-Arm Long Cycle


Two-Arm Long Cycle


Lifters compete for best team, individual lifter awards, ranks, and individual event placement.

Awards & Ranks

AWARDS (listed in the table below) are determined by coefficient, which is kettlebell weight x repetitions completed / actual body weight.  The highest coefficient wins.


RANKINGS and individual event placements are issued by weight class, according to the KETACADEMY 2017 ranking table (aka ranking table for one arm long cycle)

Ready to Lift?


Thank you, Kettlebell Kings for donating a set of competition kettlebells as a prize to the winning team,  and VIKN Performance Chalk for providing chalk for the meet!




1716 21st Avenue South

Seattle, Washington, 98144  USA


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